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How often do you get to see all sides of a 3D object

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Canada Goose sale It a fucking black hole, just shut up and be amazed instead of cynical for once in your goddamn life.You literally seeing every side of the black hole at once when you look at it, due to how light gets pulled by gravity to bend around and hit the back. Also due to how light bends the halo is showing you light from the opposite point of where you think it should be.How often do you get to see all sides of a 3D object simultaneously, while simultaneously having the view around it get reflect inverted worse than a funhouse mirror? Not to mention it a photo of something from millions of years in the past. Everything about this image is brain bending shit and reddit is too busy whoring it out for karma to properly appreciate it.deedoedee 0 points submitted 3 days agoGetting hit by a car on a treadmill seems deliberately contrary to what one expects to happen, and it pretty amusing Canada Goose sale.

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